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Professional Outdoor Fitness&gym Equipment For Municipality&council

Professional outdoor fitness&gym equipment for municipality&council

Outdoor fitness&gym equipment in parks offer people a huge range of activities so they can be physically active, play sport and stay in shape without spending a fortune. They also offer social opportunities for our community. As city municipality and councils, one of most important jobs is motivating people to get started on their next trip outdoors. Get fit, have fun, relax, and explore the city!

But the problem is parks and public spaces are often built with small children and elder adults in mind, with an emphasis on playgrounds for the children and benches for the adults watching them, or some low impact outdoor gym equipment for elders use.

Alternatively, some public spaces are simply devoid of activity or amenities – conducive to picnicking or maybe playing ball, but offering little else for young people. With nothing to do after school, they hang out at train stations, shopping centers, and local parks. Sports court, recreation center for young people where equipped with professional outdoor fitness and sports facilities are serious missing.

Young people are also great entrepreneurs and can be extremely resourceful. Not to mention they are our towns’ future community builders, business owners, public servants, and families. As city leaders we must engage the whole society, and by engaging young people we send the message that they are a part of our society too.

Young people who are engaged with park projects are more likely to finish school and less likely to engage in risky behavior.

Young people who engage in park projects also develop a strong sense of pride and ownership of their local public spaces and communities in general.

Are there youth friendly outdoor gyms in your city?
Here are a list of things that may make your space more “youth friendly”:
Outdoor gyms with professional outdoor fitness equipment
Basketball courts
Rock climbing walls
Parkour park and facilities
A stage, or area that can be converted into a stage
Ping pong tables
Shelter from the weather

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